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Patient Participation Project

We want to know what you think! 🤔 


No-one likes surveys 😴 


We’ve got something different for you to try! 😎 

This new project takes a different approach to the usual questionnaire. You are presented with two ideas that we are considering. You select which one you prefer. You will then be shown another pair of ideas, and so on.  If you can’t decide….there’s a button for that!  You can continue as long as you want…..just click once, or keep going all day! Over time we will find out which ideas are most popular with our patients. 


You can also add your own idea(s) to be considered!  These will be added to the ideas presented to other users (after being checked first). You can submit as many ideas as you like.  Keep them simple and clear. 

We will present the results of the project here from time to time, along with how we intend to respond to your views. 

Return here as often as you like, as more ideas may appear, either added by us, or other patients like you.  



NB This is about the development of the Practice, and setting our priorities. If you have feedback or complaints about the current service, please use the appropriate sections within our Contacts Page