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Travel Vaccination Information and Charges

There are some travel vaccinations issued on an NHS prescription. These include Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Polio, Tetanus and Diptheria. However if you require any other vaccinations, malaria tablets or medicines that are not covered by the NHS you will be required to pay the full cost of these to the pharmacist. You will also be required to pay the practice a private prescription fee of £15 per item and our administration fee of £50 per person.  (Children travelling with a paying adult will be exempted from the administration fee).

Vaccination course details & approximate pharmacy charges

NHS prescription – No pharmacy charges

  • Hepatitis A & Typhoid combined  NHS prescription
  • Hepatitis A (2 Over 6-12 months) NHS prescription
  • Tetanus / Diptheria / Inactivated Polio  NHS prescription
  • Typhoid  NHS prescription

Non-NHS prescription – Approximate Pharmacy charges

  • Hepatitis B (3 over 1-6 months) £20.00 each
  • Meningitis Acwy Vax £25.00
  • Rabies (3 over 28 days) £144 for a course of 3 injections
  • Tick-Borne Encephalitis (2 over 3 weeks) £48.00 each
  • Yellow Fever £70.00 (Paid in entirety to Practice)
  • Japanese B Encephalitis:
  • Ixiaro (>18yrs only – 2 doses over 1 month) £72.00 each
  • Korean Green Cross (3 doses over 1 month) £48.00 each
  • BCG, Yellow Fever and Malaria


If a BCG vaccination is required for your journey and you have not already received one, it will be carried out at Ninewells Hospital. The Practice will refer you and arrange vaccination. Please be aware this process may take up to 8 weeks.

Yellow Fever Centre

We currently offer Yellow Fever vaccination and certification to patients not registered with our practice. A fee of £70 per person, paid to the practice,  is applicable. This covers the cost of the vaccine we provide, it’s administration and the appropriate documentation. Please telephone to make an appointment.

Ordering Anti-Malaria Drugs

To order anti-malaria tablets you will require a private prescription that can be used at local pharmacies or online at either of the two websites listed below: