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Contact Details

In person:

St Andrews Community Hospital
Largo Road
St Andrews
Fife, KY16 8AR

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By telephone:

To make an appointment or enquiry call: 01334 476840

For results please call  between 1100-1600 on: 01334 465635

For EMERGENCIES outwith Mon-Fri 0800-1800 call NHS24 on: 111

British Sign Language (BSL) users can contact us direct by using contactSCOTLAND-BSL 

If you have been referred for an X-ray by your GP, please telephone 01592 648103 one full working day after your GP appointment.  Please follow this link for important information about your X-ray appointment.

By email :

You can email our reception team on 

To send photographs by email:

If you have been asked by a clinician to send a photograph, use the button below.  This will open your email program where you can attach your photograph.  In the subject line of your email, use the unique patient ID number which will have been given to you by the clinician.



WHY a photo?

Your clinician would like to see a photo to help with your consultation; this will allow a more accurate diagnosis and plan to be made.

WHAT options

If you cannot provide a photo you can have a video consultation or a face-to-face consultation.

WHO will see it

The clinician dealing with your care will be able to see this photo and it will be stored in your records. In future, other clinicians and administration staff (who are also bound by confidentiality) will be able to see this photo in your records should they need to access your records during the course of their work. The photo may be shared with other clinicians for your care, e.g. if referring you to another service.


Please email your photo using the link above.

Subject Line:  Unique patient ID number from your clinician

Body of Text: Requesting clinicians name, your first and surname and DOB (a brief description if required, i.e. Right Ankle)

The photo will only be used for direct care, unless you give us permission to use it for teaching or other purposes, e.g. writing an insurance report. The photo would also be provided if a court required your records in relation to legal proceedings.

Please note that a photo from your phone to the practice email is not a secure link and may expose you to cybercrime for which the practice cannot be held responsible.


The image will be stored in your GP records for as long as you have them in the United Kingdom and should be transferred if you move practice.

Practice Boundary

The area bounded by the line on the map below indicates the approximate practice boundary. If you wish to register with the practice but you are unsure if your address falls within the boundary please call to check.

Pipeland Practice Boundary