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There are several ways to order medications.  Repeat medications are those that you receive every month or every two months – the easiest way to request these is to register for the online service – see below.  Acute medications are those that you have had as a “once-off” or those that need regular review with the GP (not on your repeat list) – see the acute medications section below.

Please allow several days for prescription requests to be processed – there are several stages to organising these before they are issued at the chemist. If you are concerned that you will run out, please contact the Practice as we may be able to organise an emergency supply of medication.

For your safety and ours, we do not accept prescription requests by telephone.  However, the Practice is now able to take requests for medication by email if you are unable to hand in your written request.  We still advise that you register for online prescriptions through Patient Access for your regular repeat medication (see below under Repeat Medications).  When contacting us by email please provide your:

Full Name
Date of Birth
Name and strength of medication required
Name (and address if out with St Andrews) of the Pharmacy you want to collect from.

Please note this service is not for medical queries and is manned by the Prescriptions Administration Team.  If you need to discuss problems with or changes to medication, please call the Practice and arrange an appointment.

Repeat Medications

Online Service

We would encourage you to use our online service to order your repeat medication – Register Now.  This is the same system we use for online appointment booking (currently suspended) and therefore once you have registered you can use the same login.

Advantages of using the online service:

  • There is no need to type or write the names of the medications you need – all of your repeat medications are listed via a direct link to your medical record – all you need to do is click on the items you need.
  • We can send you a message if there is any problem meeting your request.
  • Your request transmits to the Practice automatically.  You don’t need to use re-order slips!
  • This is all done through a secure website that requires you to login.

These services can also be accessed from mobile devices – download the Patient Access App on IOS or Android.

When requesting repeat medication keep the following in mind:

  1. Request all of your medication at the same time; even if you still have several days supply left of some items.
  2. Indicate clearly which Pharmacy you wish to dispense your medication.
  3. Allow at least 3 working days to enable us to process your request.
  4. Let us know if we have omitted to change or update your medication record.
  5. Contact the Practice when advised to review your medication.

Each and every patient’s case is individual, however generally the doctor will give you 2 months supply of each medicine but some items may be prescribed in smaller quantities.

Repeat Printed Slip

Alternatively hand in the printed slip, provided with your last prescription, to the Practice using the postbox situated on the right-hand side as you enter through the first sliding door at the main entrance to the hospital.

Acute Medications

If you need a review for these then please make a telephone appointment with a GP.  If you are not sure if you need review or not, contact the surgery and the administration staff will advise you or put you through to the Triage clinician.  If it is something you have had in the past or just request occasionally, then add a note to the online system or complete a request slip.  The GPs will review these requests and if they feel review is required prior to prescribing, we will contact you to organise a telephone appointment, otherwise they will issue them.