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Sexual Health

Cervical Smear Test

If you are sexually active or have been in the past, then you will be offered a Cervical Smear Test (Pap Smear).  In Scotland, we currently offer smear testing to Women from the age of 25 – 64.  This is a very simple test which can be done by the Practice Nurse at the Surgery.  Read more about having a smear test.

You will be sent an invitation to make an appointment to attend for a smear test.  The smear test checks for abnormalities of the cervix which can be easily and effectively treated.  The cervical smear programme has saved many thousands of women from Cervical Cancer.

If you have never been sexually active you will not need to have a smear test.  You will, however, still be sent an invitation.  Please reply to your invitation and inform the Practice that you do not require a smear test.  This will prevent us writing to you again unnecessarily.

Contraceptive Services

Information about all methods of contraception can be discussed with our Practice Nurses at a routine appointment.  Read more about your contraceptive options at

The practice offers advice on all methods of contraception and can carry out insertion of Coils (IUS & IUD) and Contraceptive Implants.  Coils are fitted by Dr Birney and Dr McFarlane and Implants by Dr Birney, Dr Burgess, Dr Haldane and ANP Linsey Keiller; a 10 minute telephone appointment with the relevant clinician is the best way to learn more about whether one of these particular methods would suit you.

Pregnancy testing and Emergency Contraception can be arranged if required.  These services are also available at any of the Pharmacies in St Andrews by speaking to the Pharmacist.

All contraceptive services in Scotland are free of charge.

Contraception & Sexual Health Clinics

Please contact Sexual Health Fife directly on 01592 647979 for information about sexual health services and appointments.  The University Health Hub is unable to make appointments or answer sexual health queries at this time.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)

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If you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant please make an appointment with one of the GPs to discuss your options in confidence.
Read more about Sexual Health.