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Alcohol and Drugs


Drinking too much? Not sure how much is too much? Check out the new Government Guidelines.

  • Men should not exceed 2-3 units a day or 14 units of alcohol a week
  • Women should not exceed 2-3 units a day or 14 units a week
  • Read more about units of alcohol, the effects of harmful drinking and how to cut down
  • Want more information about how to reduce your drinking? Download these Health Scotland PDFs here: 1) Making a change 2) A fresh approach
  • Want to discuss your drinking? Make an appointment with one of our clinical team.


Concerned about substance misuse? Worried about addiction? Need Help?

  • Check out for more information.
  • If you are worried, seeking advice or need help to break a habit, make an appointment to speak to one of the GPs;  both Dr Haldane and Dr Scott have a special interest in substance misuse.