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Treatment Room Nurses

The Treatment Room Nurses based in the Minor Injury Unit are responsible for attending to dressings, removal of stitches and many other treatments.

An appointment with them can be made by telephoning 01334 465683 (Mon-Fri 09:00 – 17:00).

Leg Clinic

A leg clinic is run on a Thursday afternoon for those able to attend the Treatment Room.  Self referral to the clinic, by calling the Treatment Room reception on 01334 465683 is appropriate for patients who have previously been supplied with or advised to wear elastic hosiery long term.  The clinic is intended as an opportunity to monitor suitability to continue wearing support and to ensure that patients are wearing correctly sized hosiery.  At this appointment we check that hosiery is being renewed within best practice guidelines and take the opportunity to check skin condition and advise on general aspect of leg care.

If you have not been seen by the Leg clinic before please see your GP for initial assessments and referral where appropriate.